Strawberry Nutella Panini


If you love creamy hazelnut - chocolate as much as we do, you must give this yummy recipe a try on Valentine's Day. You and your sweetheart won't be disappointed, I promise. The combination of Nutella and strawberry is ...
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Chole Bhature

Chole Bhature | Recipe Treasure

Chole bhature is a North Indian dish that is liked by people of all origins. It is composed of a spiced chickpeas (chole) and soft, puffy, deep-fried bread (bhatura). Although chole is made using different methods in ...
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Greek Salad Pitas

Greek Salad Pitas | Recipe Treasure

The healthy combination of nutrients from the veggies and fibers from the whole-wheat pita breads in this typical Greek dish will definitely woo the health buffs. Though this salad is so flavorsome and filling that one ...
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Baked Potato Pile Up

Baked Potato Pile Up | Recipe Treasure

Baking brings out the best in potatoes but they aren't really ideal when serving to entertain. So some yummy toppings are which adds a touch of extravagance to these simple spuds. I often heap my baked potatoes with ...
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Mexican Veggie Tortilla Towers

Mexican Veggie Tortilla Towers | Recipe Treasure

Are you tired of burritos yet can’t get over your love for Mexican food? Mexican veggie tortilla tower is worth a shot! This burrito with a twist calls for the same classic ingredients served in a whole new way. The ...
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Pav Bhaji

Pav Bhaji - Bun and Mashed Vegetable and Potato Curry - Recipe Treasure -

Born in the Mumbai streets, Pav Bhaji has become one of the most raved street foods throughout India. The bhaji or coarsely mashed veggies cooked in spicy tomato gravy and served with butter-laced buns or pav is divine! ...
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Gobi (Cauliflower) Manchurian

Gobi Cauliflower Manchurian | Recipe Treasure |

Gobi Manchurian is one of the few dishes enjoyed by every age group in my family whether we're talking about the kids or my grandparents. Although people don't generally like cooking for such a long period of time ...
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