Spicy Masala Tofu Scramble

Spicy Masala Tofu Scramble | Recipe Treasure

Who needs eggs when you can actually pleasure your palate with egg-like flavors with spiced tofu scramble? The secret to this wonderful vegan 'egg' scramble lies in the use of black salt which blends with tofu to ...
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Strawberry Nutella Panini


If you love creamy hazelnut - chocolate as much as we do, you must give this yummy recipe a try on Valentine's Day. You and your sweetheart won't be disappointed, I promise. The combination of Nutella and strawberry is ...
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Paneer-Stuffed Hard-Boiled Eggs

Paneer-Stuffed Hard-Boiled Eggs | Recipe Treasure

Ever since I began going to the gym and working out, I've had to increase my daily in-take of protein. I got bored of eating the same old, tasteless hard-boiled eggs so my mom decided to spice things up for me ...
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Vegetable Cake

Vegetable Cake | Recipe Treasure

Growing up, my ultimate goal was to learn how to cook just like my grandma (or atleast try and get close to her level of cooking) so I would always spend my time with her in the kitchen whenever I'd visit her during my ...
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Veggie Hot Dogs

veggie hot dog

Being a vegetarian doesn't mean that you will be deprived of the lip-smacking flavors of hot dogs. During trips to supermarkets and grocery stores, you must have come across frozen faux-meat or tofu hot dogs in the ...
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Veggie Cheese Bread

Veggie Cheese Bread Final

Does your family grumble over the same boring breakfast every day? Why not serve them with veggie cheese bread for the morning meal and bring a smile on their face! Veggie cheese bread not only taste amazing but also ...
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