Spicy Penne with Broccoli and Garlic

Spicy Penne with Broccoli and Garlic | Recipe Treasure | recipetreasure.com

Most Italian pasta dishes are drenched in either creamy white sauce or spiced up with tomato sauce. Booorrriinnggg! I was on a lookout for a pasta recipe without any sauce but full of flavors and resorted to few recipes ...
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Simple and Quick Cheese Quesadillas

Simple and Quick Cheese Quesadillas | Recipe Treasure

If you are on a search for a simple yet yummy dish, then look no further. My cheese quesadillas fit the bill perfectly. Between cheddar cheese and buttered flour tortillas, you are set for an ultimate gastronomical ...
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Mexican-Style Lettuce Wrap

Mexican-Style Lettuce Wrap | Recipe Treasure

Fall's all about wraps whether they are tortilla wraps, or lettuce wraps. Sometimes I feel like the wrap was created just for the fall! This recipe originates from the traditional lettuce wrap but because I felt that it ...
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Veggie Bow-Tie Pasta

Veggie Bow-Tie Pasta | Recipe Treasure

Normal kids don't necessarily enjoy eating vegetables, well at least not willingly but they do LOVE pasta! As a kid, I always felt a connection with pasta since they came in different shapes and sizes so I thought of ...
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Bombay Street Sandwich

Bombay Street Sandwich | Recipe Treasure

There's nothing quite like throwing back and having a good time with friends while recalling old days filled with sweet memories. With those memories, it is essential to have a dish that brings back your childhood. For ...
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Veggie Pita Pocket Sandwich

Veggie Pita Pocket Sandwich Recipe Treasure

Meatless Mondays are great to keep you healthy and save you from an overdose of animal protein. But choosing a meal which is both vegetarian and quick to make can be a tough job. An instant choice can be sandwiches but ...
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Vegetable Tortilla Wrap

Vegetable Tortilla Wrap | Recipe Treasure

Now that summer's here, everyone's goal is to load up on healthy food and exercise so they can get bikini/swimsuit ready. Plus no one really wants to eat anything due to this heat and prefer to stick to a light diet so ...
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