Gluten-Free Tabbouleh

Gluten-Free Tabbouleh | Recipe Treasure |

Tabbouleh is undoubtedly one of my favorite salads from the Middle Eastern origin. However, now I see many people moving to a gluten-free diet which is what inspired this dish. Instead of using bulgur or couscous like ...
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All-in-One Salad

All-in-One Salad | Recipe Treasure

Every year when school goes back into session, I always have a hard time keeping track of my meals while I'm running across campus to reach my classes on time. And eating junk food every single day would make me sick to ...
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Gelatin-Free Strawberry Mousse

Gelatin-Free Strawberry Mousse | Recipe Treasure

As strawberry season comes to an end, one of the things I like to do is stock up on strawberries and make as many different things while I can and if I have any leftover, then I just pop them in the freezer and use them ...
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Gelatin-Free Mango Mousse

Gelatin-Free Mango Mousse | Recipe Treasure

Every summer brings a truck load of fruits into the market including the ultimate summer fruit: mangoes. Mangoes have always been my favorite fruit so it feels like Christmas whenever I go grocery shopping! The other ...
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Paneer-Stuffed Hard-Boiled Eggs

Paneer-Stuffed Hard-Boiled Eggs | Recipe Treasure

Ever since I began going to the gym and working out, I've had to increase my daily in-take of protein. I got bored of eating the same old, tasteless hard-boiled eggs so my mom decided to spice things up for me ...
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Mexican-Style Lettuce Wrap

Mexican-Style Lettuce Wrap | Recipe Treasure

Fall's all about wraps whether they are tortilla wraps, or lettuce wraps. Sometimes I feel like the wrap was created just for the fall! This recipe originates from the traditional lettuce wrap but because I felt that it ...
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Strawberry Spinach Salad

Strawberry Spinach Salad | Recipe Treasure

Salads are undoubtedly my go-to-meals during the summer because I'm always out and about whether its with family, friends or school-related activities. They're super easy to prepare, they're good for your body and easy ...
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Veggie Bow-Tie Pasta

Veggie Bow-Tie Pasta | Recipe Treasure

Normal kids don't necessarily enjoy eating vegetables, well at least not willingly but they do LOVE pasta! As a kid, I always felt a connection with pasta since they came in different shapes and sizes so I thought of ...
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Pudina Raita (Mint Yogurt)

Pudina Raita (Mint Yogurt) | Recipe Treasure

During the summer, all I really want to eat is yogurt because it is light and it keeps you cool as well! I recently tried Greek yogurt and fell in love with it. After all, who wouldn't like a yogurt that doesn't come ...
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